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Nurse Case Management for all Services!

nurse case management greater sudburyYou have questions and challenges, we have answers and resources!

Our Case Managers here at Retire-At-Home in Greater Sudbury exist as your link to the broader health care community. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and caring individuals works alongside you to address the management of all of your health care needs, not just those provided through Retire-At-Home.

Your Case Manager will meet with you on a regular basis (at no additional charge to regular service), and will maintain a connection with you that helps them to ensure the care you are receiving is appropriate for you, and that you are making maximum use of subsidies and benefits from other organizations.

It is our goal to come to know you as an individual in order to guarantee that we are able to address your personal, physical, mental, and emotional needs and desires. As time passes and needs inevitably change, we are able to anticipate the necessary alterations to your care before the critical point. Regardless of your situation, we can help in the process of determining and seeking out the right services for you. This will be done in a comfortable and non-intrusive manner, in order to ensure you are content, confident, and relaxed regarding your service.

 Nurse Case Management Services are no additional charge when you receive regular service with Retire-At-Home. These services include:
  • An initial in-home assessment and consultation designed to create a well-rounded understanding of your needs, as well as your home environment in order to begin developing the best plan for you.
  • Regular supervisory visits to monitor safety and satisfaction, allowing us to stay aware of changing needs and giving us the opportunity to address issues before they cause harm.
  • Designing, implementation and monitoring of a care plan that is designed to address your needs, wishes, and budget. This care plan can undergo alteration at any time as needs change.
  • Advocacy services to support you in navigating the health care system as you seek the services you require.
  • Ongoing communication with your other health care professionals as requested and required in order to properly manage all aspects of your care.
  • Coordination and delivery of medical supplies and equipment, to remove the burden of locating and arranging these resources from you and your family.
  • Coordination of other required services for your home or health needs.
  • Ongoing communication with your family, as requested, ensuring everyone is informed and at ease.
  • 24-hour on-call support for questions and emergency care to deal with any question or issue that arises.
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We proudly serve the following communities in and around Greater Sudbury:
Greater Sudbury, Whitefish, Chelmsford, Azilda, Lively, Copper Cliff, Espanola, Nairn Centre, Wahnapitae, Blezard Valley, Walden, Val Caron, Hanmer, Dowling, Flour Mill, Southend, Webbwood, Worthington, Naughton, Little Current, Donavan.

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