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Home Care Costs and Comparisons

home care costs greater sudburyWhen it comes time to make important care decisions, comparing your options is critical!

For each of us, there comes a time when we have to make important health care choices for ourselves and our loved ones. Thankfully, several options exist that can be taken into consideration when it comes to senior care. Retirement homes, long-term care facilities, family caregivers, or hired caregivers are all viable options. As you explore the options and determine which option you feel is best for you, cost will likely be an essential consideration.

Cost Overview of Home Care Services:

Unfortunately, there is no universal publicly funded home care in Canada. In Ontario less than 5% of total health expenditures go towards home care services. It is here that private home care comes in to fill the gap. Private care is typically contracted when government subsidies and family members can no longer provide the quality of care their loved one requires.

Research indicates that an estimated 26% of Canadians provided care for a family member or close friend with a serious health concern, and those family caregivers provide 80% of care at home, supplementing government-funded service. Research has also shown that the average family caregiver spends, on average, 20 hours per week providing care for their loved ones over a period of 4 years; while one quarter of caregivers spend 40 hours/week.

A suitable private care agency should be able to work around subsidized hours and family schedules in order to fill in the time that family caregivers cannot be there. 150,000 Ontarians purchase an additional 20 million hours of home care services annually in order to allow individuals requiring care to remain in their homes, proving that supplementing additional care needs through private care is a common occurrence.

The average client of Retire-At-Home spends approximately $1500-$2000 per month to remain at home. Some clients spend as little as $80 per month to access aid with some basic needs such as housekeeping or foot care. At the other end of the spectrum, some clients receive 24/7 support when faced with a crisis or palliative situations. With no contracts, the service can be as flexible as you desire, in order to ensure that you make the most of the service, and minimize cost wherever possible.

Cost Overview of Institutional Care:

For those who feel that other options, such as retirement homes or nursing homes, are a better fir for their needs, there are many options to choose from. Here is a breakdown of Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Long-term Care costs (costs may vary and change).

Independent Living – Non-governmentt regulated, client pays privately

  • Range $2075 – $4750
  • $550 – $1600 for additional person
  • Meals can be available but not often included
  • No personal support
  • 24-hr staffing for emergencies
  • Social/recreation programs often available
  • Availability of or include housekeeping/linens
  • Retirement Home (Assisted Living)

Independent Living – Non-government regulated, client pays privately

  • Range $1760 – $5500
  • $600 – $1000 for additional person
  • Includes all meals, housekeeping, laundry
  • Personal support and assistance with activities of daily living, meds are available for purchase
  • 24-hr staffing for emergencies
  • Social/recreation programs

Long Term Care (Nursing Home)

  • Government regulated, client pays the accommodation cost
  • Require government assessment to determine eligibility
  • Range $1620 – $2170
  • 24-hr care is available, however it is usually minimal with an average ratio of 12:1 patients to caregivers
  • Includes all meals, housekeeping, laundry
  • Over 20,000 people on waiting lists, often waiting a 2-3 years.
Example of Cost Comparison between Retire-At-Home and a Retirement Home:
  • Client requires 3 hours per day of Personal Care, help with meals, medication reminders.
  • Average Price of Retirement Home = approx. $4000 per month (for one person).
  • Cost of hourly care = $29/hour.

Option1 – Retirement Home:

  • Client moves to Retirement Home on one-year contract
  • Assume 1 hour per day of Personal Care included, 2 hours per day are charged
  • Meals included
  • = $4000 + (2 hours x 30 days x $31/hour)
  • = $4000 + $1860
  • = $5860

Option2 – Retire-At-Home:

  • Client hires Retire-At-Home Services, remains in their own home, no contracts
  • Grocery bill for one person = $300/month
  • Utilities = $400/month
  • Emergency Response System installed = $40/month
  • = 3 hours x 30 days x $31/hour + $300 + $400 + $40
  • = $3530
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