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How Fun and Games Can Benefit Seniors’ Wellbeing – Sudbury

Many seniors grapple with the notion of productivity, and what counts as a productive use of time and energy when the days spread out before them are completely in their own hands. It can be difficult to adjust to thinking about activities and hobbies that have always felt like a luxury amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy life as good uses of time throughout the day. The reality is, however, that many of these hobbies, activities, and games are productive and helpful for promoting mental wellbeing and brain health in ways that seniors can feel good about.

Preserving and Sharing Memories – Sudbury

While they may previously have been caretaker, breadwinner, disciplinarian, co-worker, partner, or a whole host of other things, many seniors in older age now find themselves filling the role of guide, storyteller, or purveyor of wisdom. With a long life behind and many stories and experiences to share, grandparents, older friends, and elderly relations have a great deal to tell us about how they lived their lives and about how we might live ours as we go forward.

Keeping Connected: Avoiding Senior Isolation – Sudbury

Everyone is deserving of meaningful and reciprocal relationships that fill them with feelings of joy and remind them that they are loved and appreciated by others. The unfortunate reality for a great deal of seniors, however, is that isolation and loneliness are feelings that are often common within their lives. The impacts that isolation, and the feelings that it creates, have upon seniors mental and physical health can be significant, so it is deeply important that seniors and those who care for them work to ensure that socialization and connectedness remain priorities in seniors’ daily lives.

Keeping Healthy Kidneys – Sudbury

With the many healthcare needs that come with advanced age, some important areas of the body can become neglected amidst all of the other things seniors have to take care of, but maintaining health Kidneys is important for overall wellbeing.

Seniors and Diabetes – Sudbury

Understanding the particular needs of seniors who have Diabetes is important for caring for their overall health and wellbeing. Being aware of how Diabetes impacts the body, as well as what lifestyle changes can help to improve seniors’ quality of life when they are facing the symptoms and realities of Diabetes can be incredibly helpful for seniors in Sudbury.

Managing Cholesterol – Sudbury

For this reason, it is deeply important that seniors and those who care for them keep themselves aware of the concerns that exist related to Cholesterol so that they can implement healthy lifestyle practices that aim to prevent the development of issues, or can better manage any concerns that have already started to impact seniors’ lives.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Practice for Seniors – Sudbury

Mindfulness involves the pursuit of the mindful mental state that is achieved when one focuses and directs their attention to the current moment, while also accepting and acknowledging the thoughts, judgements, sensations, and feelings that are at play, without any form of judgement. Mindfulness is a technique individuals can use to connect with their surroundings, as well as with the feelings that are happening in reaction to what is going on around them. Rather than ignoring or pushing away thoughts or feelings that may be negative or difficult to deal with, Mindfulness encourages people to focus on those emotions and see them for what they are. Through this, it becomes more possible to quiet and calm the mind. Rather than allowing your mind to fixate on the past or rush ahead to the future, the art of Mindfulness is to be fully aware and mindful of what is going on in the present moment, outside of ourselves, in our bodies, and within our minds.

Caring for The Health of Seniors’ Bones – Sudbury

Osteoporosis and Arthritis are among the most common bone diseases among seniors. The impact of Osteoporosis is to weaken bones to the point that they start to break easily by reducing bone-density over time, while Arthritis is considered a more general condition that impacts the joints and tissues that surround them.

Detecting Substance Abuse in Seniors – Sudbury

Substance abuse is a coping mechanism that we might not always notice in our senior loved ones if we aren’t tuned in to the behaviours and changes that come along with it, but with the more delicate state of health in which seniors find themselves, the impacts of a substance abuse problems can be incredibly severe. Older age makes the body more susceptible to the harmful impacts of these substances, and their interaction with other medications or health problems that seniors may be facing can be dangerous.

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