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How Assistance Dogs Can Help Seniors – Sudbury

Assistance Dogs can be valuable companions and helpers for seniors who are facing the diverse challenges that can come with growing older. Just the companionship and connectedness that an animal offers can be deeply valuable for seniors’ mental health, but Assistance Dogs can also help some seniors to perform tasks and can also work to keep them safer and more at ease at home and out in the world. In exploring the many different roles that Assistance Dogs can fill in seniors’ lives on top of just being a friend and companion, we can see that Assistance Dogs have a lot to offer seniors as they continue to grow older.

What to do with the Winter Blues? – Sudbury

With the onset of the cooler weather, it is time to begin thinking about the actions that needs to be taken to attend to seniors’ health in the fall and winter. Managing all of the factors that come with the colder weather can be challenging for all of us, but can be especially difficult for seniors. Making sure that seniors remain safe and comfortable within their homes through the fall and winter seasons requires that attention be payed to some important factors. As cold weather and shorter days set in, we are forced to deal with the many things that come along with cold weather seasons. We ensure that we, and our loved ones, have appropriate clothing and comforts available to combat and manage the colder temperatures, both within the home and outside, and we make appropriate upkeep and safety arrangements to deal with rain, snow, and ice. It is important also, however, to make sure that we recognize and direct attention to the impacts that these colder and darker seasons can have upon mental health and wellbeing of our senior loved ones. Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder, often referred to as “SAD”, is a mood disorder that cycles with the seasons. It is a form of depression that is related strongly to seasonal changes in light, and affects most people in the late fall and winter when days are shorter and sunlight is limited. It is speculated that the shorter days disrupt our bodies’ circadian rhythms, as well as change levels of serotonin and melatonin. Symptoms of SAD can often begin to manifest in late autumn and...

Discussing Mental Health with Seniors – Sudbury

While the subject may feel a little challenging to broach at first, making sure seniors feel able and willing to talk about any struggles they may be having with their Mental Health is important. When combined with all the other cognitive and physical changes and adjustments that seniors are facing as a part of older age, mental health problems, if left unaddressed, can have a significant and meaningful impact on seniors’ lives.

The Benefits of Time Outdoors for Seniors – Sudbury

Time spent outside, especially with a sense of connectedness to nature, is something that can improve the state of both mental and physical health that seniors experience, and setting aside just a bit of time to go outdoors can be deeply valuable for seniors’ in Sudbury. The Benefits of Being Outdoors Going outside might not be the first thing that we think of when we consider health-promoting activities, but the reality is that the outdoors can provide a whole host of benefits that can help seniors as they pursue balance and wellbeing in mind, body, and soul. The following are some of the benefits that seniors can enjoy from being outside and spending time with nature: Strengthened Immune Function: Studies have suggested that being outdoors improves immune function by increasing the count of white blood-cells that fight off illnesses. Vitamin D: Without spending time outdoors in the sunlight, it can be challenging to get enough vitamin D, which is crucial for the health of the physical body and the mind. Spending some time outside with healthy exposure to natural sunlight can help to foster better mood and help protect against the development of issues with areas of the body such as the bones or heart. Social Opportunities: Taking part in outdoor activities creates more opportunities for various forms of social interaction and relationship building. Whether it be sitting out in the garden with a loved one, going for a walk with friends, or participating in an outdoor interest group or sport, there are many social activities accessible for that take place outside. Attentiveness: Taking a little break from everything...

Cooler Weather is Coming, Prepare for the Common Cold – Sudbury

With autumn drawing nearer each and every day and the summer days of warm weather and bright sunshine coming to an end, it is time to start thinking about protecting ourselves from the little sick-bugs that tend to circulate more often during the cooler months.
The common cold often starts to make its way around during this time of year, and while everyone can catch a cold, the more vulnerable state of health in which seniors find themselves means that special care and attention needs to be directed towards trying to prevent seniors from catching a cold, or at least towards managing their symptoms accordingly to help them get back to better health as soon as possible.

Addressing and Managing Seniors’ Chronic Pain – Sudbury

Chronic Pain is something that impacts the lives of a great many seniors on a day-to-day- basis, and can be an incredibly difficult thing to deal with amongst other challenges and the normal goings-on of everyday life. Having to manage constant and sometimes debilitating pain can cause seniors to pull back from activities and relationships, and to stop taking part in parts of their lives that are fulfilling and important to them. Many of seniors just accept pain as a part of growing older and don’t seek out support and treatment that could help them tend to the issues they are encountering, so it is important that caregivers and loved-ones remain attentive to changes in behavior so that they can encourage seniors to take good care of their health and integrate treatment strategies that can help them to keep up better physical and mental health as they deal with the challenges that accompany Chronic Pain.

Identifying and Addressing Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly – Sudbury

Anxiety is a natural response that serves a productive and important function within the context of our lives. When Anxiety becomes such a steady and dominant aspect of day-to-day life that it starts to cover everything else and stops people’s from living happy, fulfilling, and enriching lives, however, it starts to become cause for concern. Anxiety Disorders can have a significant impact upon how people are able to live their everyday lives, and can be really challenging to manage. While anyone can be faced with an Anxiety Disorder, certain aspects of life that are features of older age make seniors vulnerable to experiencing Anxiety Disorders. Worries associated with personal health, lower self-confidence, chronic pains, the loss of social connections as a result of death or isolation, and numerous medical conditions can all add up to create a web of worries that fill seniors’ daily lives with fears and anxieties. Cultivating an awareness of the types of anxieties that seniors may face, and learning how to identify and address them can help seniors and their loved-ones to work towards better managing Anxiety Disorders.

Proper Foot Care for Seniors – Retire-At-Home Sudbury

The continued health of our feet is deeply important for upholding mobility and comfort in older age. Properly attending to feet and caring for them in a thorough and appropriate way can become difficult for seniors as they continue to age, so it is especially important that strategies and support systems be arranged that help seniors avoid harmful or uncomfortable conditions and diseases that can affect the health of their feet.

How Art Can Be a Form of Therapy – Sudbury

With the many changes and challenges that come along with growing older come a whole host of decisions that seniors and their loved-ones need to make concerning the behaviours and strategies they want to incorporate into their lives to best promote health.
When we consider the options, choices, and necessities involved in maintaining seniors’ health, our minds often head straight to thoughts of medically-oriented activities, as we begin to think about setting up necessary medical appointments, organizing and managing medications, providing help in terms of physical and mental activities and exercises, and other similar things that are centred primarily in the medical realm. While the necessity and importance of these activities and practices in irrevocably crucial for seniors’ health, it can also be important and helpful to explore a more holistic perspective and think through the options that exist apart from strictly medical practices by looking into other activities and pursuits that are nurturing and healing on a creative level. Alternative creative therapies, such as Art Therapy, can help in the process of cultivating and fostering a positive mental state for seniors that can help to further support their overall health and wellbeing in valuable ways.

Exploring The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors’ Wellbeing – Sudbury

Yoga as an activity combines various elements of breath, movement, and reflection into an engaging experience that focuses attention towards the body, mind, and spirit in ways that nurture feelings of connectedness. For seniors who are settling into older age, practicing Yoga can offer the opportunity to participate in a gentle form of physical activity, that also delivers a specific setting in which seniors can care for themselves and work on building a deeper understanding of themselves, their bodies, and how they connect to the world around them. Research has suggested that seniors can experience many benefits from participating in the practice of Yoga, so it is worth looking into the options that are available in the Sudbury area and learning more about what Yoga can do for seniors in terms their overall state of wellbeing.

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